Easy Tips to Help You Keep Your Skin Smooth and Shiny This Winter

With the onset of winter, cold chilly wind and freezing temperature, we get most worried about the dryness of the skin. We are tensed that it will lose its entire glow and begin to crack. On one hand, the warm and cozy weather can make you feel good about the climate, but on the other hand it makes you worry the most. With below 0-degree temperature, one finds it very tedious to take intensive care of their skin and prevent drying, cracking, irritation, etc. The air attacks the skin, thus damaging it. If no action is taken to prevent this, it makes it a vicious cycle, hence making long lasting impact on the skin. Skin care is a must in winter.

However, a few easy-to-do tips can help one maintain the original texture of their skin and prevent the onset of dryness, irritation, and cracking. Some of them are mentioned as follows.

Skin exfoliation is rubbing the skin on a daily basis with small scrubbing agents. Doing so allows easy removal of the dead skin and new moist skin to surface. It also allows the moisture to penetrate deep into the skin. Followed by exfoliation, one should moisturize the skin on a daily basis. Exfoliates with salicylic acid do wonders on the skin. Use moisturizer rich in vitamins and shea butter like agents. These agents are made up of essential fatty acids and hence help maintain the day long level of moisturizing required by the skin. Using a night cream allows the moisturizing oil to penetrate deep down to the surface. This prevents drying of the skin. Night creams rich in avocado oil helps with repair and regenerating action. Instead of washing hands too regularly, one can go for using wet wipes or sanitizers. They prevent drying of the skin. Wearing warm gloves can soften up the skin. Use soaps with a healthy moisturizing content in it.

While going out, one gets directly exposed to the chilly winds, which can easily cause windburns on the face. The best way to avoid such burns is by wearing a scarf or keeping your face covered by caps or shawls to prevent direct contact between the skin and the air. Loss of water leads to a lot of dryness; hence it is advised to consume enough water throughout the day. Add a few drops of jojoba or sweet almond oil to your bath. Apply lip balm on your lips to avoid chapping of lips. Do not take bath with very hot water. Try to keep the water as warm as possible. Hot water also kills a lot of moisture from the skin.

By following the above tips, you can easily stay away from the fear of dry, rough and irritable skin. These preventive measures of skin care will help one stay smooth and shiny all through the season.

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