Fashion Tips for a Corporate Man

Be it at the workplace or your home, you have always wanted to look the best. Today, people don’t just want to look good for their partners, family, and relatives, but also for themselves. People have attached emotion to the way they dress and style up. Now be it a man or a woman, everyone is looking for new style to dress themselves up. Men’s fashion is no longer left behind women’s fashion. Good dressing gives more confidence. Women also want their men to be perfectly dressed. It is often said that within 30 seconds of seeing one forms a perception about the other person. Given this, no one wants to take the risk of dressing up like a clown.

Following are a few tips that men can follow to avoid any type of fashion disaster. These will provide them with the basic guideline regarding men’s fashion trends. Hence, a man should always take advantage of the fact and try to look his best. The very basic step is to have your socks match the color of your pants. The color of the belt should be the same as that of the shoes. A rule of thumb states that the length of the tie should reach till the belt line. A small length tie will make you look like a fool. The tie should be knotted properly and aligned to the center of the collar. With suits of a light color, plain type of shirt would go well without much display of too many colors. Do not wear crushed shirt or even blazers.

Special care should be taken with regards to the cleanliness of the shoes. Do not forget to clean and apply polish or other substitute. Do not wear torn shoes. While dressing up in suits, shoes with laces are always preferred. Usually, short sleeve shirts are perceived to be of low class, hence always try to wear full-length shirt. Never do the mistake of wearing a short sleeve shirt with a tie. The length of the trouser should match to cover the socks at least. A pant with pleats can help you sit down comfortably. Never wear socks while wearing a sandal or a slipper. Do not dress up in too many colors. Go for the right match with minimum number of distinct colors. It’s always better to trimmed haircut and shaved look. One should avoid long ponytails and they should opt to carry formal bag rather than the trendy bag packs on the shoulder. Do not cover yourself up in too much of jewelry.

The way you dress up is the true reflection of your image. Hence, your dress should be in sync with not just the image but also the environment where you are going and the kind of people that you will meet. The dressing style also boosts the confidence and often people gain promotions and recognition based on their intellect added with their style and sense of fashion.

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